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About the “Soju Bar”

The Pocha is a basic Korean bar which can be outdoors, set up on the side of road, plastic wrapped shut in the winter, and is equipped with quivery plastic tables and stools. If you’ve seen a Korean drama, you’ve seen the lead end up at one of these and pound back soju on a bad day while a sassy ahjumma cooks and watches over them. The menu is normally simple with basic Korean booze such as one brand of soju and maybe even beer. The anju, which are mandatory side dishes, usually consist of dried squid, nuts, fish cake, and maybe a fruit platter. This very basic kind of Pocha has definitely morphed over the years and while you can still find the plastic wrapped outdoor Pocha in any local neighbourhood, you can find all kinds on indoor ones now.


옛날 도시락

steamed rice, kimchi, spam, poached egg, anchovy, seaweed, sesame.

Seoul Brisket

서울 브리스켓

half pound of slow smoked brisket, daily variety of banchan.

Jeyuk Bokkeum


stir-fried spicy pork, onion, jalapeno, scallion.



fried pork cutlet, cabbage salad, sesame, tonkatsu sauce.

Cheese Tteokbokki


spicy creamy, chewy rice cake, fish cake, green onion, dumpling, mozzarella.

Army Soup


kimchi, tofu, package ramen, spam, sausage, kimchi, baked beans, cheese.



What People are Saying

“It was magnificent”

“Korean stir fry noodle known as jap chae — were floating in the soup. Copious amount of freshly chopped green onions garnished the dish. A sweet and salty cola-flavored sauce was provided for dipping the chunks of short rib. It was magnificent.” Mai Pham Houston Press

“Moist & tender”

“Every dish sounded interesting and new. The tongdak is listed as fried chicken with french fries, radish pickle, soy jalapeño and spicy slaw. The chicken was more roasted than fried, yet the skin was crisp and the meat was very moist and tender.” Cuc Lam Houston Press

“Highly recommend”

“The kream spaghetti, which came with mussels and seafood like octopus and shrimp, was amazing, the umami-laced, spiced flavor very reminiscent of the much more expensive uni pasta you might get at an Italian restaurant. Highly recommend.” My Pham MyTable


“Standouts include Corn Cheese, a Korean snack dish prepared with sweet cream corn, mozzarella, bonito flakes and lime served in a sizzling skillet; Yangnyeom belly.  L. A. Galbi shareable short ribs; Seoul Brisket; sizzling pork rinds and the not to be missed Army Soup.” Beth Levine HoustonFoodFinder

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WEDNESDAY – SUNDAY 5pm – 2am kitchen closes at 1am

MONDAY & TUESDAY We are closed






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